Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Minerals


Health Benefits of Iodine, Potassium and other Minerals in Himalayan Crystal Salt


Aside from the "salt" part of salt--sodium chloride-- Himalayan Crystal Salt provides a multitude of trace minerals, essential to the well being of our bodies.  

 I thought you'd like to know how some of these minerals function in the body, as well as the symptoms that result from lack of each particular mineral, so when you eat the salt and drink Sole, you'll know how all those minerals are helping your body to health.  

  The essential importance of minerals and trace minerals is largely underestimated. Their order of importance in regards to a healthy body organism is equal to that of vitamins. Our usual diet of processed and refined foods does not provide a sufficient supply of these vitally important minerals and trace minerals, thus our metabolism is affected by lack of these. Himalayan Crystal Salt is an excellent supplement to provide these minerals in a form that can be easily assimilated by the body.  

Functions: regulation of internal cell pressure, activation of enzymes, allows muscle contraction and regulates the balance of fluids and electrolytes.
Symptoms of potassium deficiency: tiredness, nervousness, irregular heart rhythm, skin problems, headaches.  

Functions: bone and tooth formation, nerve activation, blood coagulation.
Symptoms of calcium deficiency: muscular cramps, jimjams, deafness, insomnia, tooth decay, hemorrhage.  

Functions: bone formation, activation of over 300 enzymes, energy metabolism, transmission of communication through the nervous system, hormone production, muscular function, heart.
Symptoms of magnesium deficiency: muscle weakness, heart trouble, bone trouble, nervousness, anxiety, depression.  

Functions: activation of energy production, building of bone structure, building of cartilage, building of cellular connective tissue.
Symptoms of sulfur deficiency: wan skin, lackluster hair, flabby tissues, joint problems, fears.  

Functions: necessary for connective tissue, cartilage, bones, teeth, blood cells, hair, skin.
Symptoms of silicon deficiency: skin problems, rapid decline of arteries, hair loss, brittle nails.  

Functions: Necessary for production of red blood cells, transportation of oxygen, enzyme production.
Symptoms of iron deficiency: tiredness, lack of energy, lack of appetite, anemia, hair- and skin problems, lack of concentration.  

Functions: activates a multitude of enzymes; is a component part of insulin; necessary for protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism; immune system, growth, detoxification. 
Symptoms of zinc deficiency: lack of growth, proneness to infection, tiredness, wounds won't heal properly, virility problems, menstrual problems, lack of energy, skin cracks around mouth, depression.  

Functions: necessary for blood coagulation, central nervous system, insulin production, thyroid function. 
Symptoms of manganese deficiency: ears ringing, hearing problems, tiredness, lack of muscle coordination, joint pains, restlessness, pessimism, lack of libido.  

Functions: regulates blood sugar.
Symptoms of chromium deficiency: tiredness, testiness, insomnia, feeling dizzy, headaches, craving sweets and alcohol.           

Functions: necessary for: hemoglobin synthesis, immune system, bone structure, skin and hair pigmentation.
Symptoms for copper deficiency: weakness, lack of strength, discoloration of skin and hair, dermatitis, anemia.  

Functions: building block for vitamin B12, hemoglobin, protein.
Symptoms of cobalt deficiency: anemia and after-effects.

Functions: assists the production of thyroid hormones, energy production, stress management, growth. 
Symptoms of Iodine deficiency: tiredness, obesity, increased heartbeat, nervousness.
Functions: needed for enzyme production, protection from free radicals, cell respiration.
Symptoms of selenium deficiency: proneness to infection, premature aging, heart disease.  

Nutritionists and doctors of alternative medicine are increasingly recommending the intake of Himalayan Crystal Salt to remedy mineral deficits, due to its pristine quality.  

The "sole drinking cure" is a well-proven successful remedy for deficiencies and their symptoms, and has generated remarkable improvements of the state of health for millions worldwide.  


Remove bad odors & dander
Naturally produce negative ions without creating ozone
Enhances immune system function
Speeds up healing of wounds
Reduce susceptibility to colds and flu
Increase energy level
Remove allergens, pollutants, dust and bacteria from air
Allerviates symptoms of allergies & asthma
Helps reduce the severity of migraine headaches
Increase alertness, work productivity and concentration
Balance serotonin levels in the bloodstream
Improve cognitive abilities such as thinking and learning