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The SALTPUR salt that is produced by mother natures has a rich and deep history. Since the beginning of time salt was an important element for creatures that roam the earth. In ancient times, Crystal Salt was also known as King Salt. It was only used for royalty because of its demand and rarity. Common man had access to Rock Salt which is less refine. Salt has played a major role not only in dining, but also in medicines.

In today time Natural Salt is highly desired. Natural salt is obtained in raw condition and then it is passed through various processes to get the form of edible salt. Scientist and people alike have discovered the benefits of Natural Salt Crystals. Currently there has been a movement that demands more products from Salt Crystals. Crystal salt lamps are very popular worldwide.

The beautiful salt for making Rock salt lamp is located at the foothills of lush Himalaya. Himalayan range carries slabs of salt in variety of beautiful colors. The most popular is a range from Orange to Red. Himalayan range of mountains in located in Pakistan..

You will get Best Quality Lamps for Lowest prices ever.

Himalayan salt lamps and Salt Tea Light are made with the salt obtained from slabs of salt obtained from Himalayan range of mountains. It is first chipped, carved by hand and then a drill on the bottom to connect the light cord. The final effect is a lamp that creates a beautiful glow.

These salt crystal lamps are considered natural air ionizers. These crystal salt lamps create negative ions in the air which help in getting rid of impurities present in the air. It all naturally cleanses the air in environment that is located. Rock salt lamp also eliminates computer radiations. Salt lamps can be used in offices as well as in homes as they restore and endorse energy.

Salt candle holders are striking as well as beneficial. These salt candle holders produce negative ions when get warm and purify the air. They also put an end to the humidity in the room. In addition remove computer radiations from the place where these salt candle holders are placed. These decorative salt candle holders are the best alternative for giving to friends and family. Itís a gift that keeps on giving!

For computer bad radiations, NOW use our first ever USB mini salt lamps. You will amaze to see this mini device benefits after use.

With the help of bath salt crystals, various ailments can be treated such as sinus, asthma, seasonal allergies, hay fever, diabetes, high or low blood pressure, stress, burden,  arthritis, aches, respiratory problems and muscles spasms as well as insomnia. If you are mentally or physically tired, a crystal bath salt is just the ticket. It is an old remedy and has been used by people for a very long time.

From the deep Himalayan mountains, Salt Lamp For less went to the source and got the material to manufacture our wonderful lamps. We have the best quality and Unbeatable prices for your own personal salt lamps!

Himalayan natural salt lamps are suitable for daily use near televisions and computers, around smokers, in offices, in therapy rooms to promote relaxation and healing. They will give relief from hay fever, sinus problems, allergies, asthma attacks and increase alertness.

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Basically anywhere there is a desire to restore or preserve the natural air quality.

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